Crimson Acres Drill Team

Drill Team is a group of riders working in unison to create a dance on horseback. The musical routines are done at a jog/trot or lope/canter and performed to a musical selection where the entire arena becomes a dance floor. Routines can be a short program, 5-6 minutes or a long program, 9-12 minutes. This performance is a series of patterns or maneuvers choreographed into a full routine.

The Crimson Acres SWAT Drill Teams are members of the United States Equestrian Drill Team Association and include beginner or novice teams; intermediate teen teams; advance and adult teams. All teams practice weekly starting mid January and continue through October. Crimson Acres also host two competitions a year, one in June and one in August, and also perform a variety of demonstrations and clinics in the Western Massachusetts area.

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 Drill Team Season Is Here
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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced riders are Welcome!

Crimson Acres is a working equestrian center that
provides  a safe educational environment. Our programs
allow individuals of all ages and abilities to develop, learn,
grow and enjoy a recreational experience.


16 Daniel Shays Highway, Orange, MA

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